The cynics wife theory

Surely if I want to do good things I can find support in my community? Maybe keep a hospital open or save some green belt land? If I try I can get people to come out to support me?
But If I want to do bad things like say polute the environment by building another runway or destroy some green belt by building a huge supermarket? Maybe buy a few more bombs? Well its going to be hard to get people out on the streets then and as a result hard to do bad things.
I still need influence though and because theres few of them they will have to be powerful decision makers.
The best influence to have is of course political. They make the decisions and send in the bulldozers after the so called enquiry has confirmed its a bad thing I want to do. They can even sign the cheques to help me buy the bombs. So the best way to get influence is to buy it and go to the right dinners and meet the right people. Therefore I become a political donor in order to build, polute or deprive in whatever form I choose. This is relatively easy with a party system of politics because they are a team and stick together from the top down.

Hence the Cynics Wife law of politics says that

"The party system by its nature demands that we have leades who work against our wishes"


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

All aboard the "Money go Round"

After a series of gaffs from our “Primest Minister” I thought I was finally hearing some common sense from the government. Mr Cameron was in town and I haven’t seen him this passionate since he sold his party principles down the river for the keys to number 10. He is hopping mad this week and genuinely so by all accounts. It seems he has had enough of people who are sponging off our society. How refreshing it was to find out that he was really going to deal with these leaches. I nearly jumped on the nearest National express, pitchfork in hand and headed down the smoke to join him.

Addressing an audience in Manchester, he said: "We've got to reduce the budget deficit. We've also got to fund welfare for those people who really need it.”

Hear Hear! I screamed. Convinced he had finally heard the news last week that Britain's five largest banks reported financial results that showed they had made combined pre-tax profits of £15bn in the first six months of the year. I should coco…

Damn right he is too, I though. It’s about time someone got tough with those bankers at last. All that stuff about political parties pandering to the mega rich is nonsense

He said the country needed to regain the sense that claiming benefits you were not entitled to was "morally wrong".

Brilliant.. Priceless

But wait…

"There are some people who are claiming welfare who are not entitled to it and that is just wrong and that should stop.” he continued

He said the £1.5bn a year fraud was enough to pay for 40,000 NHS nurses, and cutting fraud, error and waste in the benefits system was the "first thing" the government ought to do as it cuts spending.

Hang on a minute, benefit fraud? Attacking the doleys? 1.5 billion?

Surely there’s no need to worry too much about doleys now that we the taxpayers have stumbled upon a brilliant business opportunity. As a result of the fraud and greed of the banking industry we have all found ourselves in the banking business. Ok, it was not by choice but hang on everyone… We are here now and maybe we have stumbled onto something. If these figures are right then it seems we will be on the gravy train for life. If only the government would stop worrying about getting out of the banking business and think about staying in it we can all have two nurses each when we go in hospital, who knows even our own consultant.

With RBS reporting half-year profits of 1.6 billion and we own 45 billion pounds worth of it maybe now is the time for us all to stop and think this through.

Why the hell are we asking about selling our shares? Lets buy more, in fact we could start our own peoples bank. It could lend money to small businesses and create jobs which would mean less people on benefits and more people paying taxes. It could compete with the other banks for business and the taxpayer could rake in the profits. What the hell it could even pay out a few bonuses once in a while. In fact we could use it to train more talent with apprenticeships in how to wrap up bad debts in cardboard boxes and sell them to each other and get a commission even though you never opened it to see what’s inside. It would be the same as the national money go round we have now except the money would not disappear into the well lined pockets of corporate investment bankers. It would go back to the bottom and start again. Who cares about the doleys then if they want to sit around on benefits then let em. It just leaves more nurses for the rest of us eh.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Put Mcnulty on the dole

Un employment minister Tony Mc Nulty joins the growing list of Westminster's over paid and under-rated and completely un-qualified. In fact he has had a glittering political career so far and it seems to rub off on those around him. He married head teacher Gillian Travers who by coincidence was elevated to Ofsted's chief inspector of schools – in 2002. The same year Tony hit the big time with John Prescott's office.
Now by his own admission he claims thousands of pounds of your money to pay for a house he does a few days work in and stays over a few times a month. At that rate there are cheaper alternatives such as a suite in a hotel at less than a grand a night, but then you don't get to keep it when you have been kicked out of your job. He stopped claiming this expense in January as the whisper around the corridors of power got louder. This bloody freedom of information act is a right nuisance. Summer is coming and the list will get longer and the excuses more ridiculous. But have no fear the governments official PR agents the BBC are here to divert attention to the real issue. You see its just that the rules are not to clear and need clarification and anyway he stopped claiming it. Like he kinda has stopped stealing your money now so that makes it ok. Anyway what about those nasty bankers who join companies and get promised massive pensions and are still promised them when your incompetent government buys the business. Lock stock and barrel deal or no deal.
In the meantime the real issue here is we just dont pay our politicians enough. Thats why they steal your money

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Its impossible to get good news coverage these days particularly from the governments official news channel the British Bullshit Corporation.
The massacre in Gaza continues unabaited whilst the western world shrugs its shoulders and looks the other way. The other prime minister, you remember him, surely? There was an election, some people voted for him. Yes Blair thats right. well he did the same thing last time. Kind of looked the other way whislt Isreal bombed the Lebanon back 20 years. He didn't see nothin he had somethin in his eye. Well that was the guy who said that the London bombings and 9/11 were unrelated to our foriegn policy.
Many years later he is currently appearing on various news networks telling of how it would be madness to suggest that the current conflict justified terrorist action. Well I agree with him whole heartedly and 100% but....
It doesn't matter what I think because the kind of people who do that kind of thing don't really listen to him or his media outlets or me. They probably listen to stuff like Al Jazeera news who quote middle east sources who say he or any one of us may as well be flying the planes that drop those bombs on their babies for all they care.
So its unfortunate that next time a couple of crazy madmen decide to fly a plane into a building or even a range rover thanks to the good old BBC we can all hold our hands up and wonder why the hell anyone would want to hurt us?

The Beirut Report: False parrallels in Gaza

Over to you Obama

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Who was it who said that if you repeat something often enough then people will believe it?
Big wage rises will be eaten up by inflation. Big wage rises will be eaten up by inflation. Big wage rises will be eaten up by inflation. Its on the BBC it must be true?
There are two types of people in the world. First there's rich people. That can be defined by someone who decides not to get out of bed and go to work tomorrow, or maybe the next day even or hey maybe the whole month. If they did that then nothing would happen to their lifestyle. Nothing. They eat the same food, go on the same holidays and drive the same car. That's what rich is.
Then there is me and you. We don't work we don't eat as much or as well. We earn less our children eat less or less well. We have to work and earn money to live.
So when inflation hits 3% then over a year our standard of living decreases by 3% so we could do with a 3% increase to stand still. Now you may feel like inflation is so much higher than 3%. That's because it is, because there's lots of things they don't include in the figures so its more like the 15% it feels like. Now your 3% wage rise gives you a realistic drop in standard of living of 10%. I expect that feels more like it?
Here's the clever bit (BBC Mantra Pending) "But unless we control wages then all your wage increase will be eaten up by inflation" Ah yes well that's if the rich want to make the same amount of profit then of course prices will go up. So maybe if they did not make as much profit then that would curb inflation?
The BBC criticised the unions at the London airport for calling a strike with a vote from only a third of the union membership. Err well on that basis if you include the people who with held their vote at the general election then the government which caused all this was elected on a much, much lower percentage of the electorate. Oh but they don't count us do they. The ones who decide to with hold our vote.
(BBC Mantra again) Well if the rich and the politicians are going to stay within 3% shouldn't we?
3%, 10% whatever means a lot to us. What does it mean to the rich? Nothing it makes no difference whatsoever. What does it mean to the politicians? Nothing because they are earning 100K of your money but here's the clever bit.
You, yes you. Mr curb your wage rise actually buy his shopping anyway. Ha Ha. oh and you pay for the taxi to take his Mrs shopping. oh and by the way you pay for his house and his TV and even his TV licence. So who cares whether inflation is 30% because its you who pays all the bills.
How funny is that?
So still wanna vote then?
Join us and with hold your vote at democracy how

The Madness of King Gordon

Who knows whether a British prime minister has ever been sectioned under the mental health act.
Last week Gordon Brown looked a little out of touch when he declared that Britain was not broken. He claimed our society was intact. well it might be OK in Westminster but if he had any kind of connection with real society he would know how it feels to lie in bed at night listening to yobs outside singing and causing damage. To move to even reasonably good areas and find that Britain's yob culture is spreading far and wide. Attend any dinner party now for the middle to senior age group and the talk is of how to get out and where to go. France, Spain anywhere but here. We give up fighting for it,bloody have it. Its all a bit like getting lodgers in who really piss you off so you move out and leave the lodgers.
Well lots of politicians are out of touch but Gordon decided to brush off criticism by saying he was busy getting on with running the country and helping to deal with the world economic downturn. In fact lots of other politicians repeated the same mantra. Trouble is they not only didn't say what they were actually going to do they did nothing.
But have no fear, Gordon may well be sectioned after recently declaring that he was going to go on and win the next general election, not only that wait till you see what he does when he comes back from his holiday in September.
No doubt the men in white coats will be waiting for him on his return.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The gardener moves to finance

How about this. Many of you may be in business and as such its important to have the right man for the job. Dedication, experience and skills. Not just your mate.... Cos you like him. Thats is exactly what party politics demands. I can not find a poitician with the skills for the job can you? Lets take some exmples at random Alan Johnson secretary of state for health - postman and union member head
James purnell – secretary of state for work and pensions was a Corporate planner for bbc Alistair darling chancellor of the exchequer – local council and a solicitor
Des Browne has been Secretary of State for Defence since 2006. and he is a solicitor too. Not withstanding the fact that they are able to change jobs and skills on a whim.
Lets take Des Browne? He is very adaptable Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Minister of State for Citizenship and Immigration at the Home Offiice. Minister of State for Work at the Department for Work and Pensions Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at The Northern Ireland Office. Mr Browne also tabled the Register of Drug Trafficking Offenders Bill, a private Member's Bill to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act and establish a register of trafficking offenders. So here's the suggestion using a business model. Lets put the governance and system in place and fill it with skilled individuals. Maybe people will vote for me as a skilled economist for a role in government, A strong military background perhaps. Your government knows nothing about you or your life and they certainly know little about their specialist subject or job role. What they do know about is being politicians but that doesn't help us one bit. That's why they constantly meddle and bring in illogical and lunatic policies like the ones we discuss often her and on our blog. Voting in this system is a complete waste of time because there is not a system for real democracy.

comment here is free so if anyone can find a political leader who has any experience whatsoever and i am sure there are some please post here.

Ms Blears fears

As our message slowly filters through you are celebrating another massive landslide in the local elections last week.
In a speech to the Social Market Foundation Ms Blears said the current system was not working - as evidenced in falling voter turnout at elections and the lowest turnouts in the most deprived areas. She added that the rows over MPs' expenses had been damaging and there was a sense "that politics is a tainted activity, something disreputable at best, corrupt at worst" as well as an "overwhelming sense of powerlessness" felt by voters.
Thanks to Ms Bears for her comments but we are nonetheless not powerless as the last local elections showed.
A massive 70% of the electorate decided to abstain from the system ms Blears called "disreputable at best and corrupt at worst" ever the optimist lets just say corrupt at best.
Lets not dwell however on that but on how we intend to utilise the general publics lack of interest in party politics.
Our numbers are growing all the time and our campaign will increase as we head towards the general election. We will continue to take the message forward that your vote does not count and increase our majority even further. Political parties were left to share the scraps and claim power when in fact they are left to split an embarressing 30% of the vote between them.
Ms Blears is doing the maths so why don't we?
Those who chose to vote probably had a realistic choice of one maybe two candidates at best. when it comes to the general election it will be the same. If they happen to be part of a major party as most will then they will follow the party line in most cases. some may even get jobs in the cabinet running massive parts of the countries assets without a single piece of working knowledge of that particular area. They will be advised and lobbied by paid advisers with vested interests from private industries. The real working knowledge of the department will be many levels below the prime ministers lackey who is put in charge because he is his mate. Add to this utter incompetence a level of self regulation that is laughable and it soon becomes apparent that withholding your vote is the only sensible option.
"You don't have to join em to beat em"