The cynics wife theory

Surely if I want to do good things I can find support in my community? Maybe keep a hospital open or save some green belt land? If I try I can get people to come out to support me?
But If I want to do bad things like say polute the environment by building another runway or destroy some green belt by building a huge supermarket? Maybe buy a few more bombs? Well its going to be hard to get people out on the streets then and as a result hard to do bad things.
I still need influence though and because theres few of them they will have to be powerful decision makers.
The best influence to have is of course political. They make the decisions and send in the bulldozers after the so called enquiry has confirmed its a bad thing I want to do. They can even sign the cheques to help me buy the bombs. So the best way to get influence is to buy it and go to the right dinners and meet the right people. Therefore I become a political donor in order to build, polute or deprive in whatever form I choose. This is relatively easy with a party system of politics because they are a team and stick together from the top down.

Hence the Cynics Wife law of politics says that

"The party system by its nature demands that we have leades who work against our wishes"


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The gardener moves to finance

How about this. Many of you may be in business and as such its important to have the right man for the job. Dedication, experience and skills. Not just your mate.... Cos you like him. Thats is exactly what party politics demands. I can not find a poitician with the skills for the job can you? Lets take some exmples at random Alan Johnson secretary of state for health - postman and union member head
James purnell – secretary of state for work and pensions was a Corporate planner for bbc Alistair darling chancellor of the exchequer – local council and a solicitor
Des Browne has been Secretary of State for Defence since 2006. and he is a solicitor too. Not withstanding the fact that they are able to change jobs and skills on a whim.
Lets take Des Browne? He is very adaptable Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Minister of State for Citizenship and Immigration at the Home Offiice. Minister of State for Work at the Department for Work and Pensions Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at The Northern Ireland Office. Mr Browne also tabled the Register of Drug Trafficking Offenders Bill, a private Member's Bill to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act and establish a register of trafficking offenders. So here's the suggestion using a business model. Lets put the governance and system in place and fill it with skilled individuals. Maybe people will vote for me as a skilled economist for a role in government, A strong military background perhaps. Your government knows nothing about you or your life and they certainly know little about their specialist subject or job role. What they do know about is being politicians but that doesn't help us one bit. That's why they constantly meddle and bring in illogical and lunatic policies like the ones we discuss often her and on our blog. Voting in this system is a complete waste of time because there is not a system for real democracy.

comment here is free so if anyone can find a political leader who has any experience whatsoever and i am sure there are some please post here.

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Anonymous said...

The administrative experts are the civil servants and the practitioners are on the ground. The politicians are there to provide ideological guidance. The Secretary of State for Defence doesn't drive a tank or plan attacks, just as the Secretary of State for Health doesn't write prescriptions or operate on patients.